Man vs. Wild is a survival television series on the Discovery Channel hosted by and starring Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls. The show follows Bear as he is stranded in the wilds of various regions, where he then tries to survive and find a way back to civilization. Bear Grylls has established himself as something of a brand, with a number of rather vigorous fans thanks to the "badass antics" he performs on his show.

And a natural extension of this brand is, of course, a video game! Man vs. Wild, the video Game, is a multi-platform release wherein you play as Bear Grylls and try to learn real-life survival techniques while enduring digital hardships in various environments.

Chorocojo and I like to fashion ourselves as naturalists of a sort, so how will we fair against a Wiimote-driven simulation of nature's deadly challenges? Let's find out!

An Orbital Grouse production

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