Endless Ocean is a diving-simulation series by Japanese developer Arika exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. The sequel to Arika’s PS2 Everblue series, the Endless Ocean games are notable for having extremely little game, but a whole lot of atmosphere. They are one of the few games I feel that really “gets” the experience of scuba diving, the fun of exploring and looking at animals in the aquatic environment. They are woefully under-appreciated and under-noticed, which is really a shame since they’re probably my favorite games on the Wii.

I am going to be playing through Endless Ocean: Dive, Dream, Explore, exploring it with you while also using it as a spring board to talk about scuba diving, marine sciences and biology, as well as other fun scientific and historical information. Hopefully you will learn some things you never knew, and gain some new interest in the fantastic world of our oceans. With its completion, we are moving onto its sequel, Endless Ocean: Blue World.

Download links are available on each video page near the bottom. Note that they can be a bit long at times so we don't have to cut infotrains in half; do not feel bad if you have to do them in halves on occasion. Updates are also available on YouTube though do note that they are slightly lesser quality.

The segments in one giant playlist!

In order to keep this thread focused and on track, I’m instituting a set of guideline. Please follow them as best you can, thanks!

While I will be swimming solo for much of this game, there will be occasions when I will be joined by a few dive buddies from An Orbital Grouse. Some of them will also be contributing to my solo updates anyway. To ease the confusion of who the heck is doing/ saying what, here's a handy guide. From left to right...

Zorak, physicist and guy running this shindig, he likes too many sciences and enjoys telling people about them. He as a thing for Japanese animation that we pray is never mentioned in this thread. Has dived quite a lot of hours and has a PADI license to boot! His favorite fish is THE KING OF HERRINGS.

Chorocojo, LP superstar, professional aquatic guy, and he who knows more obscure trivia than anyone else. Also draws the cool images you see and contributes all the binomial name translations! He languishes over the fact that he has a TV Tropes page. Is looking at getting into scuba diving and getting his license. His favorite fish (at the moment) is the Atlantic Tarpon.

HulkaMatt, intercontinental heavy weight LP champion, foremost expert on both combat and non-combat hugs. He currently wishes I’d stop telling him to change his username to MachoMatt. Has a driving license to get in a car, which he thinks is “pretty much the same thing”. He has stated under duress that his favorite fish is the Handfish.

TyrsHTML, A bro and quite possibly The Omega Nerd. He is really broken up that we have nothing else to say about him in this spot. Has no diving license, given that he is in Iowa, which has no bodies of water whatsoever. His favorite fish is the Coelacanth.

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