Endless Ocean is a diving simulation game series by Japanese developer Arika, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. The sequel to Arika’s PS2 Everblue series, the Endless Ocean games are notable for their emphasis on atmosphere and relaxing to the max. They are one of the few games that I feel “gets” the experience of scuba diving, the fun of exploring and looking at animals in an aquatic environment. They are easily my favorite games on the Wii; they tickle the diving itch just right.

Endless Ocean: Blue World, known in Europe as Endless Ocean 2: Adventures in the Deep and in Japan as Forever Blue: Call of the Ocean is the second game in the Endless Ocean series. The original game was a surprising hit for Arika; despite being rather niche, it found enough of an audience overseas that they were able to make a sequel that took advantage of the systems they had established for the first game.

See, the original Endless Ocean was kind of rushed out of the door. Arika tacked on the plot at essentially the last minute, and they didn’t have nearly enough time or money to polish it as much as they wanted. So when Endless Ocean did well, Arika decided to kick everything up a notch. Endless Ocean: Blue World is better in pretty much every way: It’s one of the most graphically intensive and good looking games on the Wii. It has an actual fully-formed plot. The cast is fun and likeable. There is more actual game play. And it’s muuuuuuch bigger. SO MANY FISH.

I am going to be playing through Blue World, showing off the game while also using it as a springboard to talk about scuba diving, marine sciences and biology, as well as other scientific and historical information. My friends and I previously played through the original, and we hope to continue to help you learn things you never knew about our wonderful blue world.

Endless Ocean: Blue World, Episode 46: Once Upon A Time In Bamboo


Blue World segments playlist!

If you want to support Arika producing more chill the fuck out games like this, consider buying a copy and playing along at home.

If we've managed to inspire you to finally enter the wild world of scuba diving, consider looking for a PADI shop in your area and look into receiving diving instruction. It’s a great live-long hobby. There's a diving Ask/Tell thread you may want to check out as well.

You don't have to have watched the original Endless Ocean LP to follow this one; this game is completely standalone plot-wise. However, it does have some really neat things, including a lot of facts from us, so it's worth checking out! I did make a playlist of just the segments from the previous game, if you just want raw fish

And yes, there will be more aside videos, including ones featuring everyone's favorite avatar of the elements.

While I will be sometimes be swimming solo, I will often be joined by a few dive buddies from An Orbital Grouse. They will often be contributing segments as well! From left to right...

Zorak, physicist and the guy running this shindig, he likes too many sciences and enjoys telling people about them. He has a thing for Japanese animation that we pray is never mentioned in this thread. Has dived quite a lot of hours and has a PADI license to boot! His favorite fish is the  KING OF HERRINGS.  FILE AUDIO

Chorocojo, LP superstar, professional aquatic guy, and he who knows more obscure trivia than pretty much anyone else. Often referred to as "Red". He draws the cool images you see and contributes all the binomial name translations. He languishes over the fact that he has a TV Tropes page. Is looking at getting into scuba diving and getting his license. His favorite fish (at the moment) is the  Atlantic Tarpon.  FILE AUDIO

HulkaMatt, intercontinental heavy weight LP champion, forum babyface, and foremost expert on both combat and non-combat hugs. His signature move is the BAKKDROPPU DRIVVAAA. Has a driving license for a car, which he thinks is “pretty much the same thing”. He has stated under duress that his favorite fish is the  Lake Biwa Giant Catfish . FILE AUDIO

TyrsHTML, also referred to as "Tyrs", Rome historian and quite possibly The Omega Nerd. He knows more about the Roman Empire than you do, and may very well be a wizard. Has no diving license, given that he is in Iowa, which has no bodies of water whatsoever. His favorite fish is the  Coelacanth . FILE AUDIO


Geop, LP's Geologist Darling. Geop knows a ton of shit about rocks, ancient history, rocks, rocks, and making very good effortful LPs. His favorite fish is the Moray Eel!

Hazo, professional fish researcher. Hazo does a lot of neat marine research in the Atlantic, and is an occasional contributor to the ongoing effort to understand weird as hell scientific names. His favorite fish is the Giant Freshwater Stingray!

Kabanaw, professional game designer. He knows a lot about skulls. His favorite fish is the Mola-Mola!

Dicktron, probably a sorceror. Mysterious. His favorite fish is the Hairy Frogfish!