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#9. - Rustboro City
Rustboro City, where every building is almost a perfect rectangle. With such scenic locations as the Pokémon Center, or the majestic Pokémart. Also:

Choro Notes: School! The old teacher there gave me a Quick Claw, which I immediately gave to Daytripper. The Quick Claw is a hold item that randomly allows the holder to have first strike.

Oh! The creeper from before. S'up creeper?

Ah, Scott. So we meet again. What? You already said that? How strange.
Choro Notes: Ok, long story short, he's looking for trainers who are experts at battling. Team Misty is still terrible so he's not interested. He also mentions that someone in town was a "Cut Master". After wandering the city for about, 4 seconds, I quickly determined he was probably in one of the building with a door.

Please stop watching the way I walk, it's kind of weird.

. . . What are you trying to say?

Heh. . . Hehheh.

Well I would be too if my name was WALDA. D:[ Choro Notes: Training before the gym.

Choro Notes: Donger took down one after a while. But guess what. HE HAD TWO MORE GODDAMN MAGIKARP. Pikablu just sort of choked them to death with his tail.


Choro Notes: Wurmple has a sort of unique evolution. It evolves at L.7 but it can evolve into either Cascoon or Silcoon. HOWEVER, A Wurmple that will evolve into Cascoon can ONLY evolve into Cascoon. Even if you cancel the evolution that individual Wurmple can never evolve into Silcoon, only Cascoon and vice versa.

Alright, Donger has lived out her usefulness and shall be retired. She was put in The Box. Let's see, a replacement. . .

. . . no. Just no.

Hmm, that's better. Wait, "Trainee Pokémon"? Eh, oh well.
Everyone welcome our newest party member, Buggy McDig.

Choro Notes: While trekking back towards the woods, I came across a person I had neglected to see in front of the flower shop he gave me a TM I had always neglected in the past. I figured since my team was sorely lacking against the Rock-type I'd give it a shot. Normally, however, Bullet Seed is pretty useless.

Alright, let's test Daytrippers nifty new ability to spit nuts. I'm not sure how a mushroom produces nuts but sure.

Choro Notes: Our first challenge was Daytripper vs. Geodude.

Due to Geodude's low Sp.Def and 4x weakness to Grass, Daytripper just kinda ruins things.

Seeing how I took out that kid's Geodude one shot, his buddies double teamed me. And yes the fact these two kids hang out with a large, burly hiker concerned me too.
Daytripper and Buggy McDig took on their four geodudes in a double battle. However Thanks to the Quick Claw, Buggy got off only one successful scratch before 'tripper took out all of them with his nut shooting attack.
Alright, time for our first real gym battle, this one will probably be tough!!!

You're kind of young, aren't you?

The asskicking kind, let's do this!

Choro Notes: My stupidity missed screenshots of this. :I Roxxanne's first monster was a Geodude. I planned on continuing Daytripper's nut assault, unfortunately it brought Geodude down to 1, allowing it to counterattack. . . However, Roxxanne decided to waste one of two potions on Geodude. Not healing it enough to survive another Bullet Seed. Geodude number two went the same way. Daytripper learned Leech Seed after the second one.

Oh whoa. A Moai. Choro Notes: Nosepass's first move was to Block Daytripper from escaping. Daytripper managed to Paralyze with Stun Spore then Seed the bastard.

Daytripper takes down Nosepass with an extraordinarily good round of Seed Bullets. Five hits, two were critical. That's right. Daytripper completely went that entire gym on his own without any assistance (Well, Buggy McDig scratched a Geodude for a point of damage but that doesn't count.) I didn't even use a potion.

Choro Notes: The lesson today is that no attack is totally horrible.

Well, ok, Mud Sport, Water Sport and Odor Sleuth still suck

. . . Wait, Roxxanne . . . Rocks Anne. Hahaha, wow. What are the odds of that?
Future Choro Notes: Apparently after this update I started actually screencapping battles. Hurf. DURF.

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