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. . . peh.

Oh no, I'm aware of what's going on. I'm far more aloof than you give me credit for.

Being able to defeat a group of morons trying to dump rocket fuel into a volcano is not a good standard of strength measurement, Steve.

¡Voy a enterrar, Steven!

Misty vs. Steven Music: Decisive Battle! - Steven Stone

Anglargh shrugs off an Aerial Ace and counters with another Thunderbolt.

Misty: 1, Steven: 0


Misty: 2, Steven: 0

And some of you wanted me to drop it for Flamethrower....

Misty: 3 Steven: 0

It didn't survive the second one.
Misty: 4, Steven: 0

Cradily was badly poisoned.

A revive later and Repiv's back up and fighting, Steven used a Full Restore the same turn.

That was pretty annoying.

Huh . . . I wonder . . .

It did it three more times.

Misty: 5, Steven: 0

...this is it...

Misty: 5, Steven: 1

Also a Critical hit.

Misty: 5, Steven: 2

....Anglargh survived...

CAVE in DEWFORD, I had this feeling.

I dunno, I'm sure you know where there are some tough challengers . . .

. . .

Final Thread Report
Hoenn PokéDex
Seen: 171/200
Owned: 98/200

National PokéDex
Seen: 185/386
Owned: 109/386

So what's next for Misty? Well sure she could stay in Hoenn and continue collecting monsters for a little, but we all know how much she hates the place and everyone in it. So maybe she'll travel further, leaving the Hoenn region behind her . . .

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