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#8. This Should Have Been Part of the Previous Update, So Short

Finally out of that god-forsaken Insect nest that is Petalburg Woods.

Nearby, we have a quaint little flowershop . . . though what's that to the left?

AHA. A secret garden! Just like the one inside each of our hearts.

You just give these out, huh? Why's it gotta be a wailmer, huh? What are you trying to say?

Yeah, sure. We can do that. I'll accept your challenge. I have a chicken.

Choro Notes: Wow, I really didn't even show the battle here, huh? Great. Rich Boys always shell out a ton of money when you beat them. Often times their monsters are holding something valuable like a nugget for no reason whatsoever. You know, in case you wanted to grift it off of em.

Two little girls standing side by side on a bridge. Ominious? Very.

Well two can play at that. I've got a retarded Ralts and a Poochyena that can't bite shit yet!
Choro Notes: Double Battles
Introduced in Gen3 are Double Battles, 2 on 2. Certain moves target, certain moves hit all on the field. They kind of own.

Ok, Marshall, being retarded, just sort of drools on the ground while feeling his nether regions. Donger took his place. This basically battle boiled down to: Sting. Tackle. Astonish. Growth. Sting. *poison damage* Sting. Tackle. Astonish. Growth.*poison damage* until Misty just got sick of it and shoved the two little girls off the bridge.

You don't learn Confusion you just are confusion.

Next time: Rustboro City. Misty's first Gym Battle.

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