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Chapter 7 - Leisurely Forest Walk
Trainer's Log: 30.03.06
Shoryugget and I continue my trek through the treacherous Petalburg Woods. There are horrible insects the size of my arm everywhere. Our supplies have run low and I find myself being driven mad by the swarms of bugs that accost us. If things continue as such, I fear we may have to resort to eating Marshall, who is easily the most useless among us. Wait, rustling in the bushes ahead. End entry.

Ok, so it's just a seemingly confused man, I doubt we can eat him.

Nope, can't say that I have.

Oh me too, it perfectly encapsules my love of >:|

. . . excuse me, I think I just saw something stupid walking up behind you, like a pirate.

Whoa whoa whoa, get out from behind me. Stand up for yourself!

Nope, you can have him!

I hate pirates.

You had a low-level poochyena, so obviously there was no other possible outcome!

Dang, Pirates are fucking stupid.

Why were you wandering through the woods, looking for mushrooms, in a suit carrying important papers?

Choro Notes: The Great Ball is an upgraded Poké Ball. It's got a slightly better chance of capturing a monster but it's really not much of an improvement.

It was all about taking frog pokémon to school when I was a kid. Occasionally some cool motherfucker'd bring in a snake pokémon and they lived as a king until the snake inevitably died.

Choro Notes: Wurmple is essentially a fusion of Caterpie and Weedle in every sense of the word. It learns both Tackle and Poison Sting and can evolve into the equivalent of Kakuna and Metapod.

Hmm, these two trees stick out like sore thumbs. Kind of want to ruin them up.

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