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#6. Two More Monsters - Real Bad Pacing

Choro Notes: The general consensus seemed to be naming it after Marshall Banana so I went with it.)

Choro Notes: And the wurmple is there to fill up a slot until I can get some better monsters later on.

Eh, who are you lookin' at, Seedy?.

Look, you either just called me a wuss or a noob so, uh, go away.

Well this is gonna be a rich and fulfilling use of my time
Choro Notes: The hyena just sort of tackles it.
I'm not sure how but it was enough to level Bitchcakes, though just barely.

For a Bite Pokémon, how come you can't bite things yet?
Choro Notes: After a long, grueling battle with a Seedot that particularly liked Hardening:

Before entering the Petalburg Woods, though:

Sup, caught a rat. Anybody lose a rat?

Choro Notes: Petalburg Woods is pretty similar to Viridian Forest, except it's bigger and there are more than fucking bugs in it.

There are still anoying ass bug catchers though. This one had four L.3 Wurmples which were promptly devoured by Poochyena.

Which brings us to this:

Name the Mushroom!

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