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#54. Sparkle Sparkle

Well we've got Dive but I don't want to teach it to Radium or Pikablu, soooooo.

Choro Notes: When I was fishing earlier (I caught Roseanne the Wailmer, remember?) I pulled a Sharpedo. Guess what!

This is after probably eight Wailmers.

I'm gonna need a bigger boat.

I could make another Jaws reference here about catching and killing it for ten but, eh.


And with that Radium and Pikablu both get a much needed break in Box AWESOME. Where they won't have to mingle with shitbags like PalletSwap, Fucksy & Sucksy or Marshall. And they won't have to deal with the stench Morrisey and Clarence T's corpses emminate.

WOOOOOOOOO! Let's hit that seafloor.


It's pronounced "Pacified" you dunce.

Green and flying? They're called Xatu.

I've seen like four.

You aren't listening to me are you? *click*

Hell yea, lets see what mysteries await!

Big hole filled with nothingness.

Oh great, pearldiving.

Huh . . . Grass in the sea . . . surely this is a new phenomenon not known to science! I shall call it "Aquaturf!"

IT'S ATTACKING. Nah I'm just fuckin' around. It's just a Clamperl.

Yeah, I'm not sure how she did that either.

Choro Notes: For reference:

This is a Chinchou. However the one I just stumbled across looks like this:



Oh no little guy, you aren't going anywhere!

Fruitplane, you're finally useful in battle!

Now to use that Dive Ball . . .

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh thank you PokÚLord for the blessing of one of my favorite monsters ever.

More deepsea exploration later.

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