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Seth Huber posted:

plastic_shark posted:

Clarence T. Would be completely useless at this point.

Clarence T is the best pokemon you fucking asshole and he loves surfing and flashing and cutting and lots of other things

Clarence T is like the water boy on a football team, he will do anything for the team and might just come in handy someday (like in that movie)

Clarence T is also, objectively, the most "ruggedly handsome" pokemon

pacwanker posted:

I think Clarence T would be great served up char-grilled with a nice bit of peppercorn sauce and some chives.

Beach party BBQ!
#50. Mossdeep

That's because—


Oh god, close your legs! CLOSE YOUR LEGS!

Well . . . that was unexpected . . . Radium can fix it though,

Future Choro Notes: This is hilarious in light of recent events.

Good job whatever your name is!

Hey yeah, if your patheticness doesn't arouse them you can just beat them to death with your sea serpent.

Not really, hell I can see Lilycove behind me still.

Why do they all have such tiny swimsuits?

Tiny lil' house on a tiny lil' island!

Stop yelling!

How do people keep seeing my inventory?

Choro Notes: You can find shards laying hidden on the seafloor in some deepspots. But some deep-sea Pokémon also have a 5% chance of carrying them. You can trade them for elemental stones.

Stiiiiill surfin'.

This is Mossdeep? There's nothing he— oh my god. These poor bastards. There must've been a tsunami. . . (They have tsunamis here, right?)

Don't worry, keep strong.

We can rebuild!

Parry! Parry! Parry! Parry! Parry! Parry! Parry! Hyakuretsukyaku!

I'd be terrified of even the smallest waves after a 30-foot wall of water destroyed my town.

Nope, can't say that I do.

I'm sure this would be intriguing had I heard of this Gym Leader.

Oh . . . I guess it wasn't destroyed . . . vv

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