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#05. Oh my God TWO Pokémon this Time

Are Hyenas usually docile? Something seems off about that.
Onward to Petalburg City, city of. . . um. . . Petalburgs.

Who wants ta knoooow?

Look for the bathroom.

Oh. That seems like bullshit to me. . .

I always remember him sitting on the couch drinking tequila, watching reruns of Quantum Leap all the time.

Your vigoroths shit all over the living room, Mom's pretty livid.

It's a FIELD. I'm pretty sure I could manage.


This better not bite me in the ass later, old man.

Oh you ass. I spent 5 minutes looking for one of those.

You lucky fuck, what do you have that I don't, huh? Fine, take it, I'm sure it's a crappy one anyway.

And with that I'm going to head out, capture some more little bastards and subject them to my will. But first . . . supplies

It. . . has a butt for a mouth. . .

About fucking time.

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