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#04. Misty Catches One (1) Pokémon and Leaves it to Group Consensus to Name It

Onward to Oldale town! But Oldale town sucks so we keep going north.

Ah, scenic Route 121. I swear to god we'll see this place one more time then never come back.

Sup, you Birch? We gotta fight.

Oh jeez, what are the odds he'd have my one weakness?!

Bullshit. He had a L.5 Mudkip that got the shit beat out of it by a L.5 Torchic.

Great, Running Shoes. Why I can't I run in my regular shoes? I have no idea. I really don't.

Mamá. . . Mamá, ¿por qué cree tan poco en mí?

Choro Notes: Focus Energy increases the critical hit rate of the user.
So far this route seems pretty uneventful.

Oh, hello. A hyena of some sort.

Choro Notes from the Future: Hey yeah I'm gonna kill those now.

So yeah, we need a name for a female Poochyena.

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