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#38 - Shoryugget Evolves. Literally All that Happens Here

Heading east of Fortree, I wonder what's with this little pond . . .

Well hullo, there.

That was all I found in the cave though . . . Choro Notes: Scorched Slab is modeled after one of the real-life locations that is claimed to be Amano-Iwato, the cave where Amaterasu, the sun goddess, shut herself up for a long time in Japanese mythology. This explains why there is nothing to find in Scorched Slab but the TM for Sunny Day.

Suddenly it starts raining. The screams of hundreds of Charmanders fills the air.

Yes I know I could just cut the grass next to it and walk on through. But eh, no EXP in that.

Choro Notes: Blaze Kick was Blaziken's signature attack until GenIV. It's a fire-type attack with a high critical hit rate.

I love how nice the sky looks after a good rain~

Well now I gotta go fuck their plans up again. Eh, later.

Oooooh. ? Please say .

Choro Notes: My party's looking a little ragged at the moment. And they don't have a Pokémon Center here, but they've got that PC. So here's a little trick.

Deposit your injured monsters, then withdraw again.

And poof, cured with the healing power of the internet!

Yes, sir! I'mma catch a Wobbuffet and a Pikachu and a Natu and a...

" . . . I dunno I guess you can throw em at stuff."

Yeah, sure! I got me some Pokés to catch.

Huh? D:/


FUCK. Why should I need a Pokéblock case to catch shit. I never fucking use them here when I HAVE the case.

Alright, slight setback, we'll just run over to Lilycove real quick.

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