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Oh god he's talking about his imaginary friend Harvey again . . .

It turns into candy?

You can explain things. I'm not stupid.

S-so should I like . . . hit you?

Devon cornered the market after the Silph Scandal apparently.

Sweet dang, they're all around us, aren't they?

He's . . . dancing?

Choro Notes: One of my hopes is that when a Kecleon is KO'd they make themselves flash red for a few seconds then disappear.

. . . first you don't have claws. Now you don't have a tail.

The trick is to keep hitting them until they stop convulsing.

Choro Notes: So now we can see invisible monsters. Yup. This will surely come up often.


Was he just eaten by a giant bird?

All in all, it was a good day.

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