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Fortree City, where's it's mandatory everyone live in a treehouse! It's like the village of my childhood dreams. Well, you know, minus the gymnasium full of crazy fucking birds trying to rip your eyes out.

Oh shit, wait it has that too!

#34 - Eat it, Nerds

Haha, sure, and Clefairy come from the moon.

"Squirm?" You sir are speaking bullshit.

Choro Notes: TM10 is Hidden Power. Hidden Power varies in both type and power for any individual that learns it. It's determined by a complicated thing based on stats and can be really helpful if you have a monster that can't learn moves of a type and you need coverage.

The hell? I'm being blocked from achieving my dreams of owning a world champion of kickboxing chickens.

Well . . . why can't I, you know, step around it?

After 15 minutes of beating the invisible nothingness with a tree branch, Misty tires out and heads west.
Fuck that gym and all its treehouses. We'll go build our own treehouse and it'll be no girls allowed.


Choro Notes: The third generation has too many monsters with knives as random body parts. Of course that makes this generation fucking awesome.

Absol are awesome, they appear before disasters and are considered bad lu—FUCK. WHY DID I CATCH ONE?

Choro Notes: Swagger sharpy raises the target's Attack stat but confuses them. Glare paralyzes the target with fear. It's a move learned specifically by snakes!

Let's go check out some of those routes from before!

Choro Notes: Check the level on that Tentacool, funny enough, that's the highest level on any monster we have. Shoryugget's only L.34.

I felt it wasn't neccesary to consult you guys on that one.
Future Choro Notes: Ughghghghghghghghghghgh

Fishin' while surfin', do-de-do.

Choro Notes: Feebas are notoriously hard to find. The probability of finding a water tile with Feebas on Route 119 is 1/72.66666..., with six possible fishing spots out of 436 water tiles. That is fucking bullshit. Holy hell.

Now for the deciding factor . . .


First shot gave me a Modest Feebas.

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