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#26. Raging-Hot Battle At The Hot Springs!!!

Ah Lavaridge Town, built precariously close to the caldera of an active volcano.

Hot Springs full of old wrinkly (probably naked) women! Greaaat, I could have stayed at home and gotten this.


Herbal Medicine Shop full of creepy old men! Choro Notes: Herbal items are cheaper to buy than regular items, however they're incredibly bitter and make your monsters slightly resent you.

Choro Notes: Charcoal increases the power of the holder's fire-type moves.

Aww, who's the father?

"My husband would go nuts if he found out."

Go us! The question is when do we tell the little bastard he's adopted?

Wait a sec. Fire? Let's see:
Chicken - ok
Hyena - ok
Knife Snake - ok
Meteorite - ok
Easily Meltable little guy - uh..
Low leveled Rock Smashing Ghost - yea...

Oh, no. I'm set. Let's get a water-type just for spite though!

Choro Notes: While training I managed to pick these up too:

Remember how the Poké Flute would cure Sleep? Yeah this does the same thing but with Confusion.

This however is exactly the same as the Poké Flute.
For those curious you also have one that cures Infatuation. One that reduces the encounter rate, and one that raises it.

This seems spiteful enough, yup.

This gym is full of people hiding in . . . hot springs? I think they're hot springs. . . there's no way they'd just be hiding under sand, would there?

So you're hot stuff around here then?


Whoa whoa whoa! What's up with that shit?

Yep, that's what the sign said.

Puff yourself up all you want. I beat a mouse up with power to get this done quick!

hot moves we have honed on this land!"

Bring it hotcakes.

Ahahaha, if only you knew how many Numels I was destroying with Pikablu to train for this.

Yea, that dual-weakness to Water's a bitch ain't it?

Ughghgh I really don't like the temper on those things . . .


Suddenly the gym was destroyed by Global Warming.

Did you SEE that?! Pikablu took down that entire lineup without taking a Single point of damage. WOO.


I got a good feeling!

Badge number 4!

So overall, this job was a success.
This is the way!

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