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#02. Honestly Spread This Across Three Posts Holy God

Choro Notes: So HulkaMatt was right, you don't get to name your rival in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Could of swore you did though!!!

Great. Let's see what we can get into with this.

Why am I back here? Why am I considered the same level of "this could break or not maybe" as commemorative CHiPs plates?

Oh thank god, fresh air.

Why the hell do we own so many little candles with Jesus on them?

Mmm. . .

"Just don't unpack right away, we've still got to put the washer and dryer in there first."

Dad, your Pokémon are pretty useless.
Anyway, let's go see what that Professor guy wants next door.

So is how fat you are, lardass. BLAM.

So then he stood me up? We'll see what the missus has to say about this.

Choro Notes: Ok, Decision time! What starter should I take?

The Grass type, Treecko. Note that it evolves into a dinosaur with testicles on its back.

The Fire type, Torchic. Note that it evolves into a fucking FIRE-BREATHING, KUNG-FU FIGHTING CHICKEN.

The water type, Mudkip. Note that it evolves into a giant frog, towering at... 4ft tall...

Also what do we name our new little buddy? 10 letters max for Pokémon names.

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