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Chapter 18: Still North of Slateport

This is actually pretty neat looking! I wonder if this is natural . . .

Out of the way, Timmy.

. . . whatever.



Your Sombrero Goblin is no match for Bit-chan.

Oh, this is gonna be sweet.

Choro Notes: Shoryugget returns to take on Slugma and finishes it with a well placed Double Kick.

You say that like you've been-

Oh hey look, it works.

This world is full of people all-too willing to team up to beat up on a passersby.

Floating Magnetic Robot Guy and Atrophied Psychic Fox Thing
Burrowing Ninja Bug and Metallic Rodent Thingamajigger!

Leech Life + Mud Slap =
More random crap people dropped that I have no problem picking up!

And with that we reached Mauville City. Join us next time as we get our asses handed to us by Wattson! (maybe)

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