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#12 - Island: Part One

Wait then what am I-

. . . the hell?

Oh god, we have been "owned".


. . . this island is a terrible place.

We fish in Ponds where I come from.

So much hate. So. Much. Hate.

Hey, hyena. Get the fish.

Choro Notes: Bitchcakes rips through all three of his monsters (Magikarp, Tentacool, Magikarp), one shot. Afterwards we enter the cave. Gee I wonder what we'll find in there.

Burly Men!

That's the guy we're looking for!

Choro Notes: It's Flash. IT's fucking flash ughughguhghghghhh

Oh. Well, maybe we can make it without it...

Make yourself usefull moptop.

Shit. It is dark down here.
Choro Notes: Marshall tried using Flash without Misty having the badge but it just resulted in him having a mild aneurysm. So I guess we're out of luck on that route. Though what's the worse that could happen in the dark?

It's awfully quiet in here. . .


So it looks like we have another gym leader to battle.

Also if Morrissey doesn't stop screaming all the time I'm going to beat him to death and dump his body in the ocean.

Oh yeah, I also caught a Sableye and named it Stitch.

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